Me and my colleagues at Paramount

Working at Paramount Pictures

In-Theater Marketing

In-Theater Marketing Department is responsible for all facets of movie theater advertising and marketing for new releases. As the intern for this department, I utilized my graphic design skills to create various assets (both print and web media) for each of Paramount’s new film releases.

My First Day at Paramount Pictures

On Tuesday I began my employment as an Intern for the In-Theater Marketing Department at Paramount Pictures. That morning I was taken to get a photo ID that will allow me access to the parking deck and onto the lot.  The grandeur of the lot was exciting. So many people moving in all different directions. Tour guides directed groups of people around the lot. Individuals in all facets of production gathered on their lunch breaks in designated catering areas. I didn’t see any actors as they were probably on set or hiding in a trailer. I was taken to the familiar spot where I had my interview. They put me immediately to work and I was ready for it. By the end of the day I was pleased to have my own cubicle with a work area I could make my own.

Getting Acquainted with the Team

The following week my coworkers took me out for sushi in hopes of getting to know me a little better. At the same time that I wanted to relish the opportunity for a free meal it was imperative of me to focus on learning more about the department and my colleagues.  The food was exquisite and I was able to attain a better understanding of each individual’s roles in the office and how they influence my responsibilities.

Office Responsibilities

New releases including Paranormal Activity 4, Fun Size, Flight, Rise of the Guardians, and Cirque du Soleil drove my productivity in the office. It was my responsibility to create a variety of print and web media including but not limited to:

  • Coupons
  • Web banners and graphics
  • Promo guides
  • Mini activity booklets for kids
  • Display assembly instructions

The nature of the work varied based on the style of the film and the necessary assets. For example, there were temporary tattoos made for Rise of the Guardians. The international representative in my department needed to have a French translation of the tattoo instructions. Based on the film property and using assets available to me, I had to design the copy to match the English version, print, and stuff the instructions.

Out on the Lot

On my lunch breaks I would wander around the lot to watch the daily hustle and bustle of life on the lot of a major studio. During my time at Paramount my favorite TV Show was shooting on the lot. It was always my dream that I would find a chance to get on the set of American Horror Story. Over the course of my internship I added hours to my work week. I was happy to spend more time on the lot eager to learn more. I frequently performed runs around the lot, delivering letters and promo gifts to top executives. These runs served as excellent opportunities to meet people outside of my department. Sometimes I found myself in the offices of very important people.


On days that were slow, I was able to network with individuals in affiliate companies such as Variety.

Ukraine Winter Project

Variety International teamed up with Paramount Pictures and Don Harris to raise money to clothe over 500 freezing children in the Ukraine. This project is titled the Ukraine Winter Project.  I designed a flyer to help market the fundraiser to all studios in the Los Angeles area. This project marks my first opportunity to work with Variety International.

Jim Tharp’s Lifetime Achievement Award

The next time I visited the Variety office I met with Ryan Cathcart, who would become my main contact for that particular branch. I was sent to help Ryan with the creation of a memento that will supplement the Lifetime Achievement Award Journal for Jim Tharp. At the time, Jim Tharp was the President of Domestic Theatrical Distribution for Paramount Pictures. Working off an old template in InDesign, I gathered advertisements and graphics from companies all over Los Angeles who wished to congratulate Jim on this prestigious achievement. The memento took the form of a book that would later be printed and distributed.

Leaving Paramount

By the end of my time at Paramount I was offered an opportunity to extend my internship into the Spring. Although I was thrilled to learn that the entire team was so fond of me, it was sad for me because I knew I had to return to the Midwest and finish my degree. I am confident in the skills I learned and the professional contacts I made at this internship.